Tenant Fees & Charges
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Tenant Fees & Charges

The Property Ombudsman (TPO) redress Scheme

We are members of the TPO scheme and liable by its Code of Practice. You agree that we may disclose information relating to the sale of the property to the Ombudsman, if you make a complaint to the TPO. You also agree that we may disclose your contact details to TPO Ltd (who are responsible for running TPO scheme), to assist them in their monitoring of our compliance with the Code of Practice. Client Money Protection is accredited by Client Money Protect (CMP).

Tenancy Agreement Charge (Amendments When Requested By The Tenant,) - £60 Inclusive of VAT (£50 + VAT)

We charge £60 Inclusive of VAT (£50 + VAT) for amending a Tenancy Agreement when the changes are requested by the tenants.

Preliminary Monies Equivalent To 1 Week Rent

Preliminary monies equivalent to One week rent as per your offer is payable as confirmation of your commitment to renting the property. Should the terms be agreed for your rental of this property the preliminary monies are retained towards the initial move-in monies payable in cleared funds prior to the commencement of the tenancy, once paid, the preliminary monies will be held by us, pending our taking up references on you. Please understand that the payment of this sum is not refundable should you withdraw. Furthermore, the funds are retained if we are provided with false or misleading information which reasonably affects our decision to let the property to you. (i.e. calls into question your suitability as a tenant, this can include your behaviour in providing the false or misleading information), you fail a right to rent check, withdraw from the proposed agreement (decide not to rent) or fail to take all reasonable steps to enter an agreement (i.e. responding to reasonable requests for information required to progress the agreement) when the landlord and/or agent has done so.

Payable Rent In Advance

In line with your tenancy agreements, you will be asked to pay your rent in advance (usually 1 months’ rent) and prior to commencement of the tenancy.

Deposit Equivalent To 6 Weeks Rent If The Annual Rent is Over £50,000 Otherwise Deposit Equivalent To 5 Weeks Rent

Deposit will be held under the terms of the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. Please refer to your contract for further details.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

This tax is payable on tenancies where the rent exceeds £125,000. Please contact HMRC for further information.